Taste of peace: Conflict Café pop up celebrates Burmese cuisine

Burmese dining takes centre stage at Conflict Café, a pop-up restaurant devised by the peacebuilding NGO International Alert, that serves up peace through food.

With Myanmar featuring prominently in international news, the concept will run from 18-23 September, to mark the International Day of Peace (21 September).

The country has suffered decades of violence and is facing many challenges in the lengthy process of negotiating peace.

Diners will get a glimpse of what drives conflict and the case for peacebuilding in Myanmar, while experiencing the tastes and aromas of Burmese cuisine, brought to them by Anglo-Burmese cook Cordelia Peel, founder of Burmese dining concept, Bagan.

“Burmese food reflects the coming together of different ethnic groups that make up Myanmar’s population. Through combining the best aspects of their individual cuisines, they have created this unique and delicious food that is like no other,” said Cordelia.

Sitting at communal tables in a spectacular underground skate tunnel at House of Vans London, underneath Waterloo Station, diners will enjoy a three-course meal inspired by Cordelia’s Burmese heritage.

Markus Mayer, International Alert’s Regional Director, Asia, said: “Many cultures across the world have a tradition of coming together and reconciling differences by sharing meals. Through Conflict Café we aim to highlight regions that have experienced conflict and the importance of peacebuilding.”

International Alert works with people directly affected by conflict in Myanmar to build peace. The charity works with civil society groups across the country to build local capacities for peace.

Profits from Conflict Café Myanmar go towards supporting International Alert’s work building peace in the region.

Conflict Café is running in partnership with Eatwith, House of Vans London and Cult Events.


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International Alert established pop up restaurant Conflict Café in 2014, celebrating the power of food to break down barriers and get people talking. www.conflictcafe.org

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