Talking Peace Festival returns for second year

International Alert is pleased to announce that the Talking Peace Festival will return for its second year this autumn with an even bigger and more global programme of creative events around the International Day of Peace on 21 September.

The festival provides a unique arts and cultural platform for engaging people with the most urgent issues of peace and conflict around the world. It will kick-off in London on 7 September and run for four weeks, with events designed to demonstrate the importance of words in resolving conflicts.

Following the success of the inaugural Talking Peace Festival last year, food, arts, technology and talks will again feature prominently in a packed programme of activities. There will also be some innovative additions to the 2015 festival schedule, including the launch of a new global music project that encourages collaboration between people from different musical and cultural backgrounds. Some other events will go global for the first time too and there will be a stronger emphasis on urban issues, with a special focus on ‘peace in our cities’.

Dialogue will remain the theme at the heart of everything, because we believe it is the first step towards resolving conflicts and building peace. Talking Peace will therefore entertain and inform, amuse and inspire, but most of all remind people that peace requires words.

Talking peace, taking part

We’re looking for sponsors, partners, volunteers and like-minded people to collaborate with us on the festival. If you want to get involved, please email us at

More details will be revealed in the coming months, so visit the festival website for updates. And follow us @TalkPeaceFest, using the hashtag #TalkingPeace to join the conversation.