Tackling crime for lasting peace

The first meeting of the newly formed Advisory Group for Disrupting Violent Connections took place in London on 8 May 2013. The meeting included 16 participants from academia, civil society, probation services and diplomacy.

The Advisory Group was formed following a meeting of the Conflict Ideas Forum in January 2013. The purpose of the group is to provide a space for participants to discuss concrete and innovative approaches to dealing with criminal violence, including through research and practical projects.

The group will bring together experts from a variety of sectors to discuss and debate some of the shared dilemmas researchers, practitioners and policymakers face when it comes to dealing with criminal violence. For example, the normative and legal framework associated with engaging on criminal violence from a non-law enforcement perspective.

We formed this group in response to existing trends of conflict and violence seen around the world, and in recognition of the fact that peacebuilding does not traditionally engage with criminal violence, even though this type of violence affects the lives of millions of people globally.

The next meeting of the Advisory Group will take place in New York on 8 October. In partnership with the International Peace Institute, the group will meet on the fringe of the UN General Assembly to discuss the impact of criminal activities on stability in the Sahel region, with a particular focus on north Mali. For this second meeting, the Group will engage in a wider discussion with UN representatives with an aim to conceive tangible policy options, operationalise a comprehensive response to organised crime and practical steps forward.

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