A shared vision for peace

Earlier this month International Alert held a half-day workshop on conflict analysis for key representatives from Nigeria’s National Peace and Security Forum (NPSF).

NPSF was set up in June to increase accountability and coordination among security providers in Nigeria, with the ultimate goal of improving the management of conflict and reducing the negative impacts of violent conflict in the country. Our workshop aimed to ensure that the network has a clear understanding of how it operates and functions, as well as a shared vision of the peace its members want to build.

The workshop, which was held in Abuja on 17 July, provided participants with the opportunity to learn about conflict, violence and peace in Nigeria, and to test approaches that will enable them to carry out an inter-agency conflict analysis. This was the first time civil society and state security agencies have worked together to analyse conflict dynamics in the country, using tools such as the ‘conflict tree’ and stakeholder mapping. Through these exercises, they were able to convey their different perspectives and better understand both the limits of their own mandates and their relationships with other actors.

"It was evident at the end of the event that those present had increased their knowledge and are ready to engage the process in a more deep and robust manner," says Civil Society Legislative Advocacy Centre (CISLAC) Rapporteur and Participant Salaudeen Hashimu.

The workshop was organised by the Institute for Peace and Conflict Resolution (IPCR) in collaboration with CISLAC, as part of our membership of the Nigeria Stability and Reconciliation Programme (NSRP). Participants included representatives from the National Security and Civil Defense Corps, National Orientation Agency, Women, Peace and Security Network, Federation of Muslim Women’s Associations in Nigeria, Ministry of Women Affairs and Social Development, National Civil Society Forum, Department of State Services, and National Planning Commission, as well as IPCR and CISLAC.

The training was delivered by NSRP’s Security and Governance Manager Mujidang Sitdang, NSRP Peacebuilding Adviser Kim Toogood and International Alert’s West Africa Regional Programme Manager Marco Simonetti.

To find out more about NSRP, please visit the programme website at www.nsrp-nigeria.org