The security situation in Kasserine, Tunisia

The audience at the press conference, which included more women than menOn 19 September, International Alert organised its first press conference in the Kasserine province of Tunisia to present the results of research conducted in 2015 on local perspectives on the security situation and border management in the region.

Over 50 people attended the event, including a mixture of journalists, civil society activists, representatives of political parties and representatives of public institutions connected to the research, with more women in attendance than men – which is significant in the largely male-dominated society.

Following a brief presentation about Alert, our team presented the research and results. They explained the research methodology, as well as samples and their selection criteria, the quantitative and qualitative approach of the research, the main sections of the survey, and the findings.

The floor was then opened to questions – an important interaction, given that these kind of initiatives are new to this region. The attendants were highly appreciative of the research and its approach of involving the citizens in public affairs and enabling them to express their point of view on critical issues affecting their lives, such as security. They also expressed hope that this work will continue and tackle further security-related issues in the region.

The press conference was followed by a meeting between our team and several local association representatives to present Alert’s new project in Kasserine, discuss future plans and the possibility of cooperation.

You can watch a news report about the press conference in Arabic here, recorded by the Tunisia News Network.