Russian-Abkhaz Partnership Agreement

On 16 January, International Alert held a roundtable where experts and officials from the European Union discussed the November 24th Russian-Abkhaz Agreement on Alliance and Strategic Partnership with Georgian, Abkhaz and Russian experts both from civil society as well as the authorities in Tbilisi and Sukhum/i.

The Agreement has been the subject of heated debate within Abkhaz society and Alert’s objective was to offer a platform to discuss the significance of the Agreement against the backdrop of the unresolved conflict with Georgia. Participants discussed the purpose of the agreement; how it was interpreted by different groups in Sukhum/i, Tbilisi; what changes can be expected as a result; what it means for Georgian-Abkhaz relations and Georgian-Russian relations; and what the international community can do to reduce tensions that may arise in future.

The meeting was conducted under the Chatham House Rule and a short summary will be published in due course.

This event was supported by the European Union and is the latest in a series organised by International Alert in our Georgian-Abkhaz dialogue process. The previous roundtable in this series was held in July 2014, and similarly was on the Abkhaz political crisis about which you can find out more here.

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