Replacing the MDGs with a better framework

International Alert has provided a submission to the International Development Committee inquiry 'The 2010 Millennium Development Goals Review Summit: Looking ahead to after the MDG deadline of 2015'.

In this submission, we focus on looking ahead to after the MDG deadline of 2015, and:

  • Explain why the MDGs provide an inadequate framework for setting goals and measuring progress, and for accountability;
  • Welcome the recent MDG Review Summit’s decision to create a new development framework for use after 2015, and encourage the UK to play a major role;
  • Suggest an approach for creating the new framework, emphasising diverse participation and objectivity, and ensuring a greater degree of analytical rigour;
  • Provide an example of what such a framework would look like and how it would be used;
  • Set out criteria against which to judge the fitness for purpose of other frameworks likely to be developed or proposed.

Read our submission below.