Encouraging tourism after conflict

International Alert is conducting a comparative analysis of how to improve tourism in post-conflict settings for the Government of Punjab in Pakistan.

The study will focus on eight countries that have been or continue to be affected by conflict and instability, all of which Alert work in: Nepal, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Lebanon, Colombia, Mali, Tajikistan and Georgia.

Through bringing together and analysing the experiences and challenges these diverse countries have faced in developing their tourism industries, it will identify lessons that can be learnt globally and suggest opportunities for promoting tourism in other places recovering from conflicts.

Alert will draw upon the resources and connections of its programme teams in the selected countries throughout the research process. We will then put forward recommendations of good practices to the Government of Punjab, who are initiating the study as part of their ‘Cultural and Heritage Tourism’ project supported by the World Bank.

Pakistan’s tourism sector will also be reviewed as part of the project to examine how effective its existing legal, regulatory and institutional frameworks are in encouraging investments in the industry.

The study will improve our understanding around the relationship between tourism, development and conflict issues.

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