Climate and security in Tajikistan

International Alert has just completed an innovative project exploring the complex ways in which climate and environmental change interacts with existing challenges to sustainable development and peace in Tajikistan.

Our research project, ‘Climate change, community resilience and effective response in Tajikistan’, is the first and only initiative in Tajikistan to look at the local dimensions of resilience to the related risks of climate change, poverty and conflict.

The project culminated in a dialogue event on 17 September in Dushanbe which brought together donors, development agencies and academics working on issues related to climate resilience, such as water and sanitation, climate change adaptation, and peace and security.

At the event we presented the findings of our local case study research, which looked at community risks in three locations across the country. Our research revealed two key things about the local dimensions of resilience in Tajikistan: the importance of taking account of migration and remittances in development and adaptation policies; and the integral role of effective governance in addressing resilience. You can read our research findings and notes from this event at the bottom of this page.

Through localised case study research, dialogue meetings and knowledge sharing, this project has promoted better understanding on the range of potential risks to peace and security related to climate and environmental change in Tajikistan. We hope the research and dialogue initiated by the project will lay the ground for further local research and the development of valid, useable lessons for building resilient communities and institutions in Tajikistan as well as the wider region.