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Protesters lining the streets of Beirut last year © Ali Hamouch
16 March 2020

The ongoing protests in Lebanon have produced new forms of civic engagement that could lead to a reinvigorated movement and improved government accountability.

13 March 2020

Imam Muhammad Durgalov strengthens his efforts to effectively interact with the community around matters of peace and stability and prevent local level conflicts.

13 March 2020

Malika organises and facilitates discussion clubs in her hometown of Tokmok, she encourages open discussions with critical thinking and is a role model for many other young people in her region.

08 March 2020

Ndeye Sow has worked for International Alert for over 25 years in gender and peacebuilding. For International Women's Day, we sat down with her to discuss why we must take gender into account when it comes to peacebuilding, the changes she has seen over the course of her career and what she sees as the future of gender and peacebuilding.

05 March 2020

Raising awareness among girls about their rights through seminars on women's rights and the consequences of early marriage.

05 March 2020

Reducing the number of early marriages and improving the understanding of adolescents of the need for a responsible approach to the issue of family planning.

05 March 2020

Through games and exercises, psychologists have shown students how to cope with life's difficulties, deal with conflict and to listen to each other's opinions.

05 March 2020

Preventing and reducing potential for conflicts among adolescents and youth, as well as strengthening the social cohesion of the community of the Yuryevka aiyl aimak, Kyrgyzstan.

An agriculture shop in Bungoma, Kenya. © Joerg Boethling/Alamy
03 March 2020

The link between jobs and peace may seem obvious. But we must consider how they are targeted and distributed.

24 February 2020

Statement of Metro Manila and Mindanao Young Leaders on the Police Census of Muslim Students in Metro Manila

23 January 2020

Emerging community leaders, aged between 23 and 30, from all regions of Mindanao are invited to apply for the four-month Mindanao Young Leaders Programme.

22 January 2020

It’s time for global actors - governments, businesses, financial institutions – to take urgent action to ensure that peacebuilding is at the heart of the climate solution, ensuring a safe and prosperous future for all.

07 January 2020

We published 15 full-length reports in 2019, including dispatches from the borderlands of Nepal and the experiences of survivors of domestic violence in Tajikistan.

Most-read blogs of 2019
18 December 2019

We publish blogs to share insights from our teams delivering the best and most innovative peacebuilding interventions across the world.

16 December 2019

Statement from Conciliation Resources, International Alert, Peace Direct and Saferworld concerning a possible merger of the Department for International Development and the Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

11 December 2019

Katana Gégé Bukuru, Executive Director of the women’s right organisation SOFAD has won this year’s Defender of Democracy Award for her work on drawing attention to the need for peace, respect for human rights and the protection of women in eastern DRC.

10 December 2019

With campaigning in full swing for the UK general election on 12 December, a look at how the major parties measure up on peacebuilding commitments.

04 December 2019

Conflict is likely in Iraq, Iran, Mali, Nigeria, India and Pakistan over next 12 months.

28 November 2019

Tribute to Zawadi Mambo Albertine, DRC

27 November 2019

An unintended consequence of the Maguindanao massacre was to draw attention to a huge underground economy that undergirds the political authority and legitimacy of Mindanao’s political entrepreneurs. The revelation by US authorities over the palpable impact of “narcopolitics’ in the May 10 2010 elections, and the recent busting of small-scale drug labs in Metro-Manila, Cotabato City, and in several towns of Lanao del Sur underscore this reality, alongside the discovery of a huge cache of arms and ammunition controlled by violent clans.