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Yakaka advocating for peace and reconciliation in her community.
18 July 2019

Yakaka is a community leader promoting community reconciliation in northeast Nigeria. As a woman, she's breaking the mold by leading peacebuilding efforts in her community.

15 July 2019

After joining a two-week participatory videomaking workshop in Quezon City near the Philippines’s capital Manila, 21-year old Mae Arah from conflict-ridden Sulu province realised that she just had a life-altering experience.

26 June 2019

This film chronicles the journey of Boko Haram survivors and their reintegration and acceptance back into their communities, with the help of International Alert.

20 June 2019

Young people take part Discussion Clubs in Kyrgyzstan, a public platform where they can have honest dialogue about freedom of religion, tolerance and democracy.

17 June 2019

International Alert is pleased to announce the appointment of Michael Young as its new Chief Executive Officer. He will join Alert in September.

04 June 2019

Around the world, peoples in crisis – and their neighbours – struggle to live with the daunting consequences of violence: economic, social and political upheaval, unprecedented refugee flows, and widespread suffering and loss of life. They desperately need help.

24 May 2019

For 20 years, Alert has worked with the private sector to promote conflict-sensitive business practices and the role of the private sector in peacebuilding.

24 May 2019

The media have played a key role in Nepal’s transition from autocratic monarchy to a functioning multiparty democracy, and media houses have become increasingly effective in raising the public’s demand for increased government accountability. Find out more.

24 May 2019

Incidents of election fraud and violence in the Bangsamoro region in the Philippines have provoked a multitude of conflicts.

22 May 2019

Women and children have borne the heaviest brunt of the conflict in northeast Nigeria. Thousands have been held captive, raped and forced into marriage with Boko Haram fighters. When they return home from captivity, their ordeal isn’t over; they are stigmatised and rejected by their own families and communities.

30 April 2019

Our vision is that people and their societies can resolve conflicts without violence, working together to build sustainable and inclusive peace.

03 April 2019

Read Dorothee's story to find out why she thinks football can help with reconciliation and peacebuilding in Rwanda.

03 April 2019

Find out how peace clubs in communities and schools are addressing the psychosocial wounds caused by transgenerational trauma of the Rwandan genocide against the Tutsi.

03 April 2019

Find out how Cecil is dealing with the legacy of the genocide against the Tutsi in Rwanda and how she is helping to build peace.

03 April 2019

25 years after the Rwandan genocide against the Tutsis, Monica talks about how she is rebuilding her life.

03 April 2019

Josephine talks about how she is helping to build peace in Rwanda after the genocide against the Tutsi.

03 April 2019

Twenty-five years after Rwanda’s Genocide against the Tutsi, the country looks hopefully to the future. Read Alexis' story to find out how a Pineapple Plantation helped.

01 April 2019

For the 25th anniversary of the Rwandan genocide against the Tutsi we go back and revisit a few people who have been part of our reconciliation project to see how they are continuing to rebuild their lives after the genocide and how they are now helping to build peace in their communities.

30 March 2019

A group of Muslim mothers in Manila launched social enterprise to provide new ways to earn money for women and sustain the community Islamic school.

22 March 2019

The province of Lanao del Sur launched a new early response network to enable teamwork in the prevention of future violent conflict, disaster and displacement.