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04 June 2020

Today, Bintu encourages other women and girls who were abducted by Boko Haram to come forward and share their story. To help them heal and build social cohesion.

Woman stands in doorway in Tajikistan
01 June 2020

Gender is key to ensuring responses to COVID-19 tackle the crisis and build long-term peace.

29 May 2020

Escaping and overcoming Boko Haram capture, Hafsat now supports other young women and girls in the community, giving them hope and inspiration from her own experience.

Map © OpenStreetMap. Data © Water, Peace Security partnership
27 May 2020

The Water, Peace and Security partnership has been awarded the 2020 Luxembourg Peace Prize for Outstanding Environmental Peace.

27 May 2020

Muslim Filipinos certainly met this year’s Ramadan with exuberance, but the lockdowns brought new concerns especially to those who are economically disenfranchised to begin with.

22 May 2020

The CORE project is helping to challenge gender norms and stop women from being economically marginalised to being more empowerment, so that they too can play a part and a say in how peace is built in their communities.

22 May 2020

Creating off-farm Rwandan enterprises (CORE) project boosts the potential of cross-border trade and fosters an environment of entrepreneurship for women in Rwanda increasing their ability to make a living and keep their families safe.

21 May 2020

The focus on young people is particularly to redefine the relationship of Rwandans through them. They are the future of the country and therefore, it is critical to detoxicate their generation of the disastrous beliefs of hatred that may have been acquired from their parents and prepare the next generation for a better future.

20 May 2020

Dialogue clubs with joint economic initiatives have helped members (survivors and perpetrators of the Rwandan genocide against the Tutsi) reconcile, built trust and feel closer.

Ndeye Sow on the Women, Peace and Security Panel at Stockholm Forum 2020
19 May 2020

As the Women, Peace and Security Agenda celebrates twenty years, our high-level panel with Kvinna till Kvinna brought in to focus women peacebuilders working on the ground and how they can be supported in to the next decade.

18 May 2020

To say that the COVID-19 pandemic affects everyone in the country regardless of social standing is not false, but it does not entirely capture the whole picture, either.

Stockholm Forum 2020
07 May 2020

Join us for a high-level dialogue organised in partnership with Kvinna till Kvinna at the Stockholm Forum on Peace and Development 2020.

A sprayer at the entrance of an Ebola treatment unit in Monrovia, Liberia, 2014
15 April 2020

At International Alert we are emerging from our initial shock at the speed at which the COVID-19 pandemic has swept the globe, and are starting to look at how we, as peacebuilders, shape our response.

09 April 2020

Over the past months Lebanon has faced an economic crisis, widespread protests, political upheaval and now COVID-19. We can see seven trends which are likely to influence peacebuilding prospects for the country.

06 April 2020

Local chief executives in Lanao del Sur and Maguindanao are using thematic overlay maps as graphic evidence of the links between COVID 19 hotspots, geophysical hazard areas, and violent conflicts.

Donated medical supplies are packed at Guangzhou airport in China for shipping to Ethiopia to aid the COVID-19 response in Africa. © Tian Jianchuan/Xinhua/Alamy Live News
27 March 2020

As peacebuilders, our work is more critical than ever in helping to understand and respond to what are certainly going to be far-reaching impacts of COVID-19, as they play out in conflict-affected places.

A Peul youth herds cattle © Nicolas Réméné
23 March 2020

The crisis in northern and central Mali and neighbouring countries could spill over into southern Mali if conflicts over land are not addressed, International Alert says in a new report.

International Alert logo
23 March 2020

As the impact of the global COVID-19 pandemic grows, International Alert remains committed to its mission of helping people and communities break through cycles of violent conflict and build sustainable peace.

18 March 2020

Six years on from the fall of Ben Ali we travel to the province of Kasserine in Tunisia, one of the hotbeds of the January 2011 revolution, to hear from the inhabitants of this region near the Algerian border.

Protesters lining the streets of Beirut last year © Ali Hamouch
16 March 2020

The ongoing protests in Lebanon have produced new forms of civic engagement that could lead to a reinvigorated movement and improved government accountability.