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Monà Hallab inside the abandoned Opera House in downtown Beirut, October 2019. © Marie-Rose Osta
20 November 2019

In a largely privatised Beirut, public spaces remained scarce and inaccessible, until the Lebanese people took to the streets last month.

08 November 2019

A local experts monitoring and dialogue group has called the rebuilding and rehabilitation of Marawi City in southern Philippines a total mess and worse than they expected.

07 November 2019

Unless the global community puts peace at the heart of all its efforts, the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) will fail.

A woman collecting water in Burkina Faso, where violent conflict has led to a food crisis affecting nearly 1.5 million people. Photo: Ollivier Girard/CIFOR (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)
07 November 2019

Unless the global community puts SDG16 - on peace, justice and strong institutions - at the heart of all its efforts, the Global Goals will fail the majority of the world’s extremely poor.

06 November 2019

‘A boy in the crowd,’ taken by photographer Jonathan Banks, was selected as the overall winner of the fifth Siena International Photography Awards this year.

09 October 2019

Integrating mental healthcare and psychosocial support into humanitarian efforts contributes to societies’ ability to recover from conflict, rebuild peaceful societies, and prevent future conflict.

26 September 2019

The Afghan peace process has, so far, demonstrated just about everything peace talks should not be: exclusionary, unrepresentative, short sighted and based on little common agreement and shared understanding of core issues. As the people of Afghanistan prepare for the polls this Saturday 28 September, only a more inclusive and holistic approach can secure any future peace.

21 September 2019

International Alert Kyrgyzstan organise a series of events to celebrate the International Day of Peace.

11 September 2019

To show there is more to Syria than just war, London-based peacebuilding NGO International Alert is marking the International Day of Peace by giving members of the public the opportunity to learn a traditional dance from the Middle Eastern country.

05 September 2019

The new +Peace Coalition announces the launch of the inaugural global Peacebuilding Action Week from 14–21 September 2019.

05 September 2019

Five international organisations join forces to draw attention to the need for greater peacebuilding efforts.

04 September 2019

In Nigeria, Civilian Joint Task Force members have been accused of brutality and of violating people's human rights.

04 September 2019

How International Alert is using dialogue to promote social cohesion and improve community relationships in northeast Nigeria.

04 September 2019

The number of violent incidents and deaths plunged in 2018 in Muslim Mindanao in the Philippines, but the peace remains fragile.

The eight young leaders from Mindanao pose with the Philippines flag
20 August 2019

Eight young leaders from Mindanao in the Philippines will be departing on Friday to Wellington, New Zealand for a four-month bespoke leadership programme.

19 August 2019

Humanitarianism is the concern with the promotion of human welfare. It is therefore, by definition, open to everyone. It is not just within the remit of organisations that deliver aid to people who need it. The same is true of peacebuilding.

19 August 2019

International Alert’s Yara El Moussaoui made the transition from the humanitarian to the related, but often misunderstood, peacebuilding field. To mark International Humanitarian Day, she talks about how the fields intersect to change people’s lives and shares stories from people she has met.

16 August 2019

Annual pop-up restaurant, Conflict Café, is returning to the UK capital on International Peace Day, 21 September – this time celebrating food from the Philippines.

18 July 2019

With most of northeast Nigeria grappling with the effects of the Boko Haram conflict, previously stable communities are under pressure to maintain social cohesion.

Yakaka advocating for peace and reconciliation in her community.
18 July 2019

Yakaka is a community leader promoting community reconciliation in northeast Nigeria. As a woman, she's breaking the mold by leading peacebuilding efforts in her community.