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23 October 2020

At this event International Alert will share findings from its report ‘Peace is the cure: How SDG 16 can help salvage the 2030 Agenda in the wake of COVID-19’.

23 October 2020

International NGOs call for Nigerian government to meet people's demands peacefully.

People volunteering to help clean up the streets after the Beirut seaport blast
17 October 2020

One year on from the October 2019 protests and facing national crises, what are the outlooks for recovery and peaceful change in Lebanon?

17 October 2020

A statement by the Marawi Reconstruction Conflict Watch on the third commemoration of the Liberation of Marawi.

14 October 2020

If community oriented security is better coordinated, more inclusive and accountable in their decision-making, then communities will be better able to manage security and conflict threats, thereby contributing to improved resilience, stabilisation and social cohesion.

12 October 2020

Appeal of the Interfaith Working Group in connection with the political crisis in Kyrgyzstan

09 October 2020

Returning home home after bing abducted by Boko Haram, Nursa received psychosocial support that helped her deal with post-traumatic stress disorder, rejection, and stigmatisation.

09 October 2020

Psychosocial support sessions for women and girls are where survivors of abduction meet in peer groups to share their experiences, pour out their shared pain and find commonality in their plight.

09 October 2020

Auwalu shares his knowledge and expereince of reconciling and reintegrating young women who have been rejected by their families, because they had been abuducted by Boko Haram, with his colleageues, which has greatly increased social cohesion within the community.

09 October 2020

Ruqayya now helps women and girls who were kidnapped by Boko Haram to heal, which in turn helps her to heal the pains from her own expereince.

01 October 2020

To mark International Day of Non-Violence, peacebuilding organisation International Alert presents a series of short films shedding light on violence faced by marginalised communities in Tunisia – almost 10 years after the revolution.

Four days of violence film still showing young man sitting on a wall
30 September 2020

Young people in Tunisia are calling on their communities to stand up against violence in a series of short films shedding light on the violence faced by marginalised communities in Tunisia – still rife almost 10 years after the revolution.

29 September 2020

International Alert is deeply concerned about the latest military escalation between Armenians and Azerbaijanis over Nagorny Karabakh, the largest confrontation since 1994.

Participants in the 'Creating space for peace' project in Lebanon
29 September 2020

International Alert has identified 7 strengths that unify its work to de-escalate conflict and build lasting peace.

People clean shattered glass following the Beirut Port explosion in Lebanon in August 2020
11 September 2020

A month after the Beirut blast, a people-centred recovery is key to peaceful change.

04 September 2020

To mark 2020's International Day of Peace, International Alert hosted a webinar with some of our peacebuilding leaders to discuss the intersection between the response to COVID-19 and conflict.

27 August 2020

Supporting cooperatives and helping to build diverse off-farm entrepreneurship skills so that women and youth increase their opportunities to make a living, keep their families safe and allow for more inclusive and sustainable development within communities.

27 August 2020

Attending gender equity dialogue sessions were a turning point in Karoli’s life. He gradually built confidence in himself and realised the need to be respectful and a team player, not only to manage family affairs but play a part in supporting the community around him.

People wearing protective masks as a preventive measure against COVID-19 during a march in Ukraine
25 August 2020

A vibrant civil society is crucial in times of crisis, both for providing emergency services and building social cohesion while doing so, writes Inna Topal from International Alert in Ukraine.

17 August 2020

In Lebanon, there is a strong foundation for building sustainable peace through the volunteer groups and civic movements that have emerged over the past weeks and months of crisis.