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23 November 2018

Patriarchal social norms, poverty and alcohol abuse are all to blame for the violence against women and girls in Tajikistan. So efforts to prevent such violence needs to tackle all those issues.

23 November 2018

Join us for the global Orange the World: #HearMeToo campaign to share the voices of survivors and activists working to end violence against women and make sure their efforts to stop abuse are heard.

22 November 2018

By fostering financial independence and giving families the tools to resolve their conflicts through discussion and understanding, we help Tajik women at risk of gender-based violence to be seen as valued members of society and be able to contribute to the family economically.

19 November 2018

Find out how dialogue is helping to rebuild trust and relationships in Rwanda after the genocide.

05 November 2018

21-year-old Dooma not only lost a child, but had to abandon another in order to escape Boko Haram captivity and be free.

05 November 2018

20-year-old Ganna was sixteen when Boko Haram attacked her home town of Bombem, Nigeria, taking her and several other girls hostage.

05 November 2018

The only thing keeping Abdul alive is hope. Hope that one day his daughters will return home from Boko Haram captivity.

01 November 2018

International Alert’s discussion clubs on religion and democracy in Kyrgyzstan continued in October with the issue of real and imagined Islamophobia in Bishkek.

29 October 2018

Increased dialogue between authorities, the civil socirty and governemt forces parties "is responsible for the reduction in crime and killings."

29 October 2018

Encouraging youth in Democratic Republic of Congo to get involved in community activities, to provide them with an opportunity to earn a living, but perhaps more crucially, it ensures they are not manipulated into join rebel ranks.

26 October 2018

This video provides an overview of our project in Lebanon to give Syrian refugees and Lebanese protection and employment assistance so as to mitigate conflict.

A veteran learns to walk with a new bionic leg. © Oleksandr Rupeta/Alamy
24 October 2018

If Ukraine is to build a cohesive society, it needs to act urgently to reintegrate its veterans.

24 October 2018

Respect for human rights needs to be at the heart of programmes that aim to prevent violent extremism (PVE).

19 October 2018

The conflicting parties in the Nagorny Karabakh dispute need to better communicate with their own people about how piece can be achieved, if they are serious about resolving the dispute through political means.

Photo: A villager talks about community forest management in Shan state. © U Aung Naing Oo/International Alert
01 October 2018

Conducting research to improve conflict prevention and peacebuilding programmes comes with its share of challenges. Ilona Howard, consortium manager for the Peace Research Partnership, outlines some of the ethical and practical challenges researchers face and what we can do to address them.

21 September 2018

Even without being able to find the word in a dictionary, people understand what peacebuilding is and what a vital role it can play in helping address conflict and violence. It is now time for political leaders and policy-makers to respect the public perspective on how best to deal with the root causes of conflict. Inclusion in the dictionary is a small but vital first step in getting peacebuilding the greater political support it deserves.

20 September 2018

Governments across the world need to move beyond merely responding to crises and should focus on long-term conflict prevention, or peacebuilding. It makes economic sense, and importantly, it is what their constituents want.

12 September 2018

If warmongering, ‘hangry’, ‘aborbs’ and even ‘instagrammable’ can be in the dictionary, surely peacebuilding deserves its place too.

04 September 2018

Every day peacebuilders put themselves in challenging situations to bring about peace. But you've probably never heard of them. 'Peacebuilding’ is a word used by the United Nations, governments, businesses, non-governmental organisations globally, but 'peacebuilding' is not in the dictionaries! Join us to change this.

04 September 2018

Out of Boko Haram captivity and living in a camp now, Modu desperately wants closure and a normal life.