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23 March 2021

We have been made aware that individuals in Mali have been falsely claiming to work for International Alert in order to solicit money from businesses and donors.

15 March 2021

Ten years after the revolution, with protest movements rising yet again in Tunisia, what hope do young people hold for the future? International Alert Tunisia's documentary 'Feeling what's going on' offers a deep-dive into two of Greater Tunis' popular quarters, Douar Hicher and Ettadamen.

12 March 2021

Nepal transitioned to federalism in 2015, bringing a shared sense of hope and optimism after political instability but has everyone felt the dividends of federalism?

08 March 2021

To stop violence against women and girls we must challenge the gender norms and expectations around women, men, boys and girls that drive violence. Find out how.

08 March 2021

Domestic violence is a huge threat to women in Kyrgyzstan. Meet the religious leaders who are challenging violence against women in their communities.

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07 March 2021

We are deeply concerned to hear of the arrest of our colleague in Tunisia Mehdi Barhoumi along with two other civil society activists yesterday. We join in solidarity with civil society organisations in calling for their swift release.

22 February 2021

Mike Young has decided to move on from his role as International Alert's CEO at the end of February.

A child receives a vaccination at an Ebola treatment centre in Beni, DRC in 2018
16 February 2021

The second Ebola outbreak in DRC in 2018 may seem like a whole other health crisis ago. But due to COVID-19, its lessons for effective health responses are more relevant now than ever.

03 February 2021

Two-hour course by International Alert and Thomson Foundation is now available online to help journalists in Ukraine tackle minformation and cover COVID-19 conflict sensitively.

01 February 2021

Caroline Brooks, Programmes Manager at International Alert, shares some of the key take aways from the peace education webinar she chaired.

Indigenous Teduray residents of Barangay Itaw, South Upi, Maguindanao flee to safety on 3 January 2021 after armed men believed to be members of the BIFF burned down their homes allegedly to force them to leave their lands. Photo credit: Ferdinandh Cabrera
26 January 2021

An explosion of clan feuding and land related conflict in 2019 threatens to stall the momentum towards peace in the Bangsamoro region, finds the 2020 Conflict Alert report, a subnational conflict monitoring system focused on Mindanao in the Philippines.

08 January 2021

At this event International Alert shared findings from its report 'Peace education in formal schools: Why is it important and how can it be done?'

11 December 2020

To sustain development and prevent conflict, former foes have agreed to work together to build peace, and secure the communities they live in.

04 December 2020

Young people like Jean Claude who are trying to cope with the consequences of transgenerational trauma associated with the genocide perpetrated against the Tutsi In Rwanda being passed down.

04 December 2020

Hajja advocates and champions for the better welfare of women and girls seeking refuge at an internally displaced people camp in Nigeria.

26 November 2020

Young women from Tataouine, Tunisia, share the realities of emigration, employment opportunities, violence and political engagement, from the viewpoint of women in the region, using this documentary.

26 November 2020

Youth-friendly healthcare services are one way of addressing the marginalisation of young people, writes Mariam Abdel Bak of International Alert Tunisia.

24 November 2020

Congratulations to the 17 community and civil society leaders who joined the first network of restorative justice (RJ) practitioners in the Bangsamoro, as they successfully completed the pilot run of the 12-week RJ training course pioneered by International Alert Philippines through the support of the Australian Embassy in the Philippines.

18 November 2020

International Alert's statement on the UK government's plan to cut billions from its overseas aid budget.

10 November 2020

Moving face-to-face peacebuilding training courses online sometimes requires designing them from scratch, writes Vesna Matovic.