Annual Report 2011

Peace Talks

Peace talks. And because improved communication is such an important part of peacebuilding, dialogue is an essential peacebuilding tool. In this report, we go into some examples of our dialogue work. We describe how in Lebanon we bring together youth leaders of political parties to explore new ways of doing politics. We have started a dialogue process with Sri Lankan communities in both Sri Lanka and the UK to foster a much-needed spirit of reconciliation. In Uganda, we have created links between the government, parliamentarians, oil companies and local communities affected by oil drilling, to improve the mutual flow of information and communication. And in the South Caucasus region, we have found that dialogue among business people from different communities keeps the vision of regional cooperation alive, even though the politicians may take a while to catch up. In this annual report, we highlight examples of our dialogue work in four areas of the world. We hope you will find it interesting and informative.

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    July 2012
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