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Ido da Ido (Face to Face)

Promoting peaceful relationships between communities and Civilian Joint Task Forces in Nigeria

This project supports formalised vigilante groups, formally referred to as Civilian Joint Task Forces (CJTF), by promoting their positive roles as community peacekeepers in northeast Nigeria.

In the face of weak, uncoordinated and ineffective military action against the insurgency in the north, vigilante groups have gained prominence. Officially armed and authorised by authorities, CJTF conduct security operations alongside government security forces in villages and local government areas (LGAs).

This project trains community leaders, security forces and CJTF members in peacebuilding, human rights and mediation. It also provides mentoring to CJTF leaders so they can engage with other group members on issues of human rights, community dialogue and the promotion of peaceful relationships in communities.

More broadly, this project is aimed at preventing CJTF members from exploiting their powers and ensuring they do not employ the same violent and intimidating tactics as the insurgents.

The project is currently implemented in Maiduguri metropolitan council and some parts of Jere LGA in Borno state.

It will run from August 2018 to November 2019.