Demand the UK tackles violent conflict now

Wars are on the rise around the world – in 2016, more countries experienced violent conflict than at any time in nearly 30 years. Hundreds of thousands of people are dying each year. 68 million people have been forced from their homes.

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We’re experiencing a global violence crisis of epic proportions, with conflict costing an estimated £2 billion a day. We can no longer pretend it is not affecting every one of us.

Poverty, powerlessness, fear, oppression, injustice: there are many sparks that ignite to cause conflict. To break the cycle of violence, policy-makers need to tackle these issues.

Yet right now, the most common response is to send troops and emergency aid as conflict happens. But bombs and guns cannot solve conflict. And emergency aid offers only temporary respite.

We must urgently change the way we respond to and prevent violent conflict.

To really make sure people can build peace in the long-term, we have to address the reasons why they fight in the first place.

Tell the UK government to make a commitment to building peace

Right now, we have a chance to ask the UK government to commit to an approach to violent conflict that focuses on the long-term. An approach that deals with the reasons why people fight and supports communities to find ways to resolve their conflicts without violence.

The government is currently finalising their new ‘Global Britain’ strategy, to be announced in March 2019, which will determine our relationship with countries around the world for years to come. As the UK repositions itself on the global stage, it can lead the way in reversing this devastating trend in violence.

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If you live in the UK, email the Foreign Secretary Rt. Hon. Jeremy Hunt MP to ask him to include our 10-point plan for ending violent conflict in the ‘Global Britain’ strategy. (You can read our plan in the email to Jeremy Hunt.) This is the time to stand up for people whose lives are being destroyed by conflict. Email Jeremy Hunt now and help us break the cycle of violence.

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Take action

Ask Jeremy Hunt to act now

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