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Climate change, fragility and conflict

Supporting the G7 in understanding climate change-related risks to security in order to build sustainable resilience in fragile and conflict-affected countries

This project aims to support G7 member states in understanding the joint challenges of climate change, fragility and security, in order to inform better solutions and policy options.

There is a significant knowledge gap among key decision- and policy-makers around the climate change and environmental risks in fragile states and their impact on the security environment. Ill-informed policies and practices may have irreversible consequences on human security and peace. What risks are posed by climate change to vulnerable, fragile and conflict-afflicted places and what role foreign policy should play when dealing with these challenges is key.

As part of an international consortium of expert organisations, International Alert conducts field and desk-based research that brings together communities, civil society organisations, policy-makers and international scientific experts to draw on existing knowledge regarding climate change, fragility and conflict, and examine emerging connections.

We have strengthened knowledge and understanding of climate change-related security threats in fragile states among key international decision-makers, and in donor policy and practice, and how these impacts might be addressed through effective adaptation. The project has also established an open ‘knowledge platform’ to enable interested G7 countries to share analysis, research and emerging thinking on climate change impacts and responses in fragile states.