Press release


Brussels, 29th November 2010

A roundtable on Georgian-Abkhaz relations organised by International Alert took place in Brussels on 29th November with experts from the South Caucasus and representatives of European institutions and the UN.

Dialogue participants shared their analysis of past and current policies and future prospects in relation to the conflict and its regional implications. Participants discussed what different actors and sides to the conflict, in particular civil society, can contribute to conflict transformation and resolution.

This dialogue was the culmination of a two year dialogue through research process that Georgian and Abkhaz experts have been engaged in, having researched in depth issues such as security guarantees, the role of external actors, and the policies of non-recognition and the isolation of Abkhazia and the need for international engagement. As this dialogue through research process enters a new phase, participants agreed the importance of keeping open channels of communication between unofficial and official dialogue processes.