Peace Talks: Can an app stop a bullet?

To mark UN International Day of Peace (21 September), International Alert held the 18th in a series of Peace Talks: Can an app stop a bullet? Harnessing technology in peacebuilding.

Technology can be used to incite, or even perpetrate violence. But it can also bring people together, make voices heard and improve lives. Technology is not inherently violent or peaceful - it can be used for bad or good, depending on who uses it.

As some groups are exploiting new technologies for violent ends, how can we harness the same tools for a better, more peaceful world?

Our panel discussed ways in which technology is and can be used to create positive social change around the world, whilst considering the challenges associated with its ever-growing availability.


Helena Puig Larrauri, co-founder of Build Up and co-organiser of Build Peace


  • John Ridpath, Head of Product, Decoded
  • Mariéme Jamme, co-founder of Africa Gathering
  • Nikki Philline de la Rosa, Deputy Country Manager, International Alert Philippines
  • Jimmy Wales, founder of Wikipedia, will provide a recorded response to the opening question.