Peace Talks 19: Building peace from the bottom up in Syria

International Alert held the 19th in our series of Peace Talks, 'Building peace from the bottom up in Syria: Community-based peacebuilding from Aleppo to London', on Tuesday 3 May 2016 in London.

With the official Syria peace talks in Geneva continuing to stall, a number of civil society initiatives have been leading the way in carrying out vital work to support and rebuild communities torn apart by the war.

From education to psychological and psychosocial support, grassroots projects are laying the foundations for recovery and non-violence in Syria and the wider region. Looking closely at these successful initiatives and what more needs to be done, we can also learn lessons about how to support refugee communities here in the UK.

Our panel of Syrian civil society activists working in the region and the UK explore the ways in which peace can be built from the bottom up at the launch of our new report, Why young Syrians choose to fight.


  • Rachel Shabi (Chair) – Journalist and author
  • Anna Farina – London Office Manager, Syria Relief
  • Amaf Yousef – Refugee Support Coordinator, Rethink Rebuild Society
  • Caroline Brooks – Syria Projects Manager, International Alert