Peace Talks 17: Peace in our cities

International Alert is pleased to invite you to attend the launch of its Talking Peace Festival 2015, with a special Peace Talks panel discussion on:

Peace in our cities

on Tuesday 8 September 2015 from 19.00 at House of VANS (Arches 228 - 232 Station Approach Road, London SE1 8SW)

Cities are beacons of culture, innovation and economic development. But they can also be sites of poverty, inequality and social conflict.

As the world is becoming more urbanised, new challenges to peace are emerging, from gangs to extremism. What are some of the common issues faced by London and cities in other countries, from Latin America to Asia and the Middle East? And how can we make our cities safer places to live?


The discussion will be followed by food and music. A detailed programme will follow soon.

Please RSVP on Eventbrite below. Admission is free but we suggest a £5 donation.

The event will launch Talking Peace Festival 2015, a month-long series of events designed to spark conversations about peace through creativity. It will feature art, food, music, comedy, technology and talks. Find out more: