Peace Talks 10: Pittabread, punchlines and performing arts

To launch the Talking Peace Festival 2014, peacebuilding charity International Alert are pleased to invite you to:


Monday 8 September from 6pm at Shoreditch Village Hall in London

With a Peace Talks panel discussion on:


People are the greatest tools in peacebuilding, so we’re kicking off Talking Peace by talking about how the things people do every day can either tighten the bonds of peace – or generate division and sow the seeds of future conflict.

With contributions from the world of art, theatre, food and music, we’ll be hosting a lively debate about how everyday culture – like what we eat, listen to, and the jokes we share – can resolve or deepen conflicts between people.


  • Arieb Azhar Sufi/folk musician from Pakistan
  • James O’Brien Journalist and presenter at Leading Britain's Conversation (LBC) radio
  • Claudia Roden Author of books on Middle Eastern and Jewish cuisine
  • Salman Siddiqui Co-chair of the MUJU Crew, which provides creative spaces for Muslim/ Jewish collaboration
  • Dan Smith (Chair) Secretary General at International Alert

The event is free to attend and will be followed by food, music and conversation.

This event has now sold out, but it will be streamed live online here. Details to follow.

About the Talking Peace Festival

The Talking Peace Festival is a series of events taking place in London this autumn around the International Day of Peace. Using the universal language of creativity, it will illustrate the importance of dialogue in resolving conflicts. Join us for talks, comedy, art, food, photography and more! Read the draft programme here.

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