Our clients include national and international partners, donors, governments, institutions and universities around the world. Governments We delivered the Conflict Foundation Course to staff at the UK's Department for International Development, Foreign and Commonwealth Office, Ministry of Defence and the Stabilisation Unit. Here is what they said:

"Recommend it as a must for Department for International Development staff."

"Thorough overview of conflict context. Great opportunity to meet others from around Whitehall."

We also delivered a series of trainings on conflict analysis to the Netherlands' Ministry of Foreign Affairs staff in the Hague and embassy staff in Burundi, DRC, Ethiopia, Mali, Rwanda and South Sudan. Here is what they said:

"We got to the point very quickly. The tailor-made content enabled more discussions and maximum engagement."

International institutions We have designed and delivered training to a variety of international institutions, including the European Commission, World Bank, UN Development Programme, UN Women and Belgian Development Corporation. Non-governmental organisations We work with international NGOs and civil society organisations to help them develop their skills, knowledge and competences in peacebuilding, enabling them to improve their strategies, policies and programming. Among those we train are our own staff and partners. Universities We introduce university students to the core skills for working in conflict. The exercises are interactive and engaging, adding a practical aspect to their academic knowledge. Our clients include: King's College London, London Metropolitan University, the University of East Anglia and University of York. Here is what some of the students say:

"The course really inspired me and gave me a practical introduction, clear view to working for peace in conflict situation."

"I have always wanted to work in this field and it gave me more of what to expect."