Thoughts during and after the forum on peacebuilding in Europe

International Alert's Head of Communications encouraged participants at the Conflict Ideas Forum on Monday 10th to tweet through the day. I thought it's worth capturing at least some of those tweets, reflecting some of the information that was shared and some of the insights and reflections that were developed. So I scoured my way through #conflictideas and picked up what follows, mostly from me and some from Lisa (and I'm presuming Lisa tweeted in two guises). I've taken out most of the repetitive @intalert's and #conflictideas to make it a bit easier to erad. Regard this as an aide memoire so our immediate thoughts at the time don't just float away into the ether. Dan Smith‏@dansmith2020:

  • Today @intalert holds forum on peacebuilding needs & prospects within EU (same day EU gets Nobel Prize)
  • Homelessness in England reduces average life expectancy by 30 years to same level as Afghanistan & Central African Republic
  • Voter turnout in top 2 social classes in UK is 19% higher than in bottom 2 - richer people feel more ownership of politics
  • Department of Known but Shocking: Greek GDP down 25% in 4 years; unemployment is 26% & >50% among youth
  • Spanish indignados' chant at recent demo: "We want to live like our parents did." Think about it.
  • Dilemma & paradox of the EU discussed at forum - integration = building peace BUT integration also = disempowerment
  • Official EU & UK gov't ideologies of subsidiarity & localism undermined by bureaucratic & political preferences
  • Ideas being floated for how to continue, deepen and broaden the conversation convened today by @intalert

ICPS‏@ICPS_Peace (International Centre for Participation Studies, Bradford – presumably tweeted by Lisa Cummings?):

  • #Participation & voice central issues at @intalert European #conflictideas forum today.
  • Key question from today's forum: Is model of Euro integration moving from keeping the peace to causing conflict?
  • Rich discussion about need to rethink power in context of converging crises at forum on Europe.

Lisa Cumming‏@LisaDialogue:

  • Today's conversation inc: the EU peacemaker or conflict generator? Need to rethink power, increase participation & voice.
  • Left forum thinking about purpose, process & ethics of peacebuilding when structural violence is on the rise.