Most-read publications in 2019

A couple of weeks ago, we wrote about our top five blogs of 2019. Take a look at it here if you missed it.

Blogs are perfect for those looking for a quick read, but if you’re working in peacebuilding or a related field, creating policies or studying, you probably want a bit more detail.

We published 15 full-length reports in 2019, including dispatches from the borderlands of Nepal and the experiences of survivors of domestic violence in Tajikistan.

You can see the full selection here, or keep reading to see the most read of 2019:

Evaluation of public health services in the governorate of Tataouine: Diagnosis and Alternatives (April 2019)


The first of its kind in Tunisia, this evaluation of public healthcare services in Tataouine, southern Tunisia explores whether involving citizens in the evaluation of public services can contribute meaningfully to participatory democracy in marginalised areas. This report was mostly read in Arabic.

Read in English here / Read in Arabic here

International Alert Annual Report 2018 (May 2019)


We are so proud of what we achieved in 2018, we’re glad this is our second most-read report.

In it, you can find out about the projects and consultancies we worked on in 42 countries that allowed us to reach 143,404 people.

Read the report here

Doing research in conflict settings: Gender mainstreaming and ethics (May 2019)


Alongside Saferworld and Conciliation Resources we explored how gender dynamics impact peace and conflict. This report compiled lessons from six case studies from Nigeria, Yemen, Ukraine, Nepal, Kenya and more.

Read the report here

Forestry management and peacebuilding in Karen areas of Myanmar (January 2019)


In southeast Myanmar forestry is central to many people’s lives and if not carefully managed can be a source of conflict. This report outlines forestry initiatives that are already working well to build peace there and makes some recommendations for how to do even more.

Read the report here

Synthesis Situational Assessment Report and Case Studies (May 2019)


This report summarises finding of situational analysis of three regions in Ukraine particularly vulnerable to conflict: south of Odesa, Kherson and Zakarpattia.

Read the report here

Thanks again for reading. Keep a lookout for more research and evaluation from us in 2020.