“I can speak”

Navigating masculine spaces in federal Nepal – Federalism in Nepal Vol. 5

This report explores experiences of women and sexual minorities in accessing public spaces and justice mechanisms in the post-federal contexts of Nepal.

The newly introduced federalism has brought a new sense of euphoria and hope among the people of Nepal. Federalism has also widened marginalised groups’ access to and increased their participation in the state services and decision-making processes.

By delving deeper into the personal experiences and stories of different categories of women and sexual minorities, this research offers insights and nuances to enable policy-makers and practitioners to understand the undercurrents of the gendered nature of social change and also to identify behaviours, norms and social practices that have perpetuated marginalisation.

The broader aim of the research is to understand the change in gender relations in the context of Nepal’s transition from centralised government to federalism through the microscopic lens of the personal experiences of women and sexual minorities.

This is the fifth report in our series on federalism in Nepal produced as part of the Sundar Santa Nepal project. You can find the other reports in the series here.