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Civil society’s role in security sector reform in Lebanon

An asymmetric partnership despite a growing working relationship with security services

February 2015

What’s diaspora got to do with it?

Reflections on engaging Sri Lanka's diaspora communities in peacebuilding

February 2015

Peace Audit: Kenya

February 2015

Climate change, violence and young people

Report for UNICEF UK

January 2015

The long road to peace

Why engaging the diaspora is essential to peacebuilding in Syria

January 2015

The 2011 elections in northern Nigeria post-electoral violence

A reflection on the similarities with the 2015 election scenario

January 2015

Механизмы общественного участия и многоканальной дипломатии в мирных процессах

Уроки из Страны Басков в контексте нагорно-карабахского конфликта

December 2014

Mechanisms of public participation and multi-track diplomacy in peace processes

Lessons from the Basque Country in the context of the Nagorny Karabakh conflict

December 2014

Extracting peace

The management of natural resources as a platform for promoting peace and stability in Liberia

December 2014

Conflict, climate and environment

Topic guide

November 2014