EU - Caucasus Dialogue on Georgian-Abkhaz Relations

Roundtable, 29th November 2010
International Alert
International Alert
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London, UK
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January 2011
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Dialogue through research
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On 29th November 2010, International  Alert hosted a roundtable ‘EU-Caucasus Dialogue on Georgian-Abkhaz Relations’ which was framed as a conversation between diplomats engaged in official dialogue processes and experts from the region on what different actors can contribute to conflict resolution.  The participation of experts from Armenia, Azerbaijan and Russia, allowed a wide range of perspectives to be taken into account and as each side voiced their priorities and analysed the situation on the ground, a broad picture of the conflict dynamic emerged. This report includes the papers presented at the roundtable and a summary of the debate that arose.

Caucasus and Central Asia
Georgian-Abkhaz conflict
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