Talking Peace Festival

Join us for a month-long series of inspiring events this autumn

International Alert is pleased to announce the Talking Peace Festival, a series of events taking place this autumn around International Peace Day on 21 September.

Using the universal language of creativity, Talking Peace will illustrate the importance of dialogue in resolving conflicts. The festival will open on Monday 8 September and run for a month, featuring an array of events across London, including photo exhibitions, talks, pop-up food kitchens, street art, film and comedy – all designed to kick-start a conversation about peace.

The theme of the festival is talking, because talk is more than just talk. It’s action. Words can be used to hurt, organise killings or cover up crimes. But they can also be used to heal, build bridges and inspire reconciliation. That’s why talking is always the first step toward building peace – although it doesn’t end there.

We believe culture in all its forms can be a powerful tool for encouraging dialogue between communities, helping people to question established truths and express difficult emotions. Talking Peace will therefore entertain and inform, amuse and inspire, but most of all remind people that peace requires words.

Talking peace, taking part

We’re looking for sponsors, partners, volunteers and like-minded people to collaborate with us on the festival. If you want to get involved, please email us at

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