Strengthening the economic dimensions of peacebuilding

Two new publications

We are please to announce the release of two new publications on the economic dimensions of peacebuilding.

The first, co-authored by Canan Gunduz and Joost Van Der Zwan, is entitled Private sector development in conflict-affected environments: key resources for practitioners, and is produced by the Donor Committee on Enterprise Development. It is a guide on private sector development (PSD) in conflict-affected environments and aims help PSD practitioners to make better and timelier interventions. It also aims to ensure that PSD programming maximises the positive effect it can have on all aspects of conflict management and peacebuilding: on economic development; on governance; on building security, stability and trust; and on developing infrastructure.

The second is entitled Natural resource governance in conflict-affected contexts: a new practice note, and is part of our 'Strengthening the economic dimensions of peacebuilding' project. The report offers options for economic development planners and practitioners for promoting accountable and conflict-sensitive governance of natural resource wealth. The presence of significant natural resources can contribute to both the outbreak and exacerbation of conflict, and also undermine peace processes. In such contexts, sustainable peace is often difficult to bring about, as vulnerable groups most impacted by the conflict and living in proximity to natural resources (or even participating in their extraction) can feel aggrieved when they are not directly benefiting from them. This practice note was funded by the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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