Active Voices: Advocating for local solutions in the Middle East

International Alert and Search for Common Ground together with the British Council have trained a group of young Lebanese, Jordanian and Syrian social leaders to become better researchers and advocates as part of the Aswat Faeela (Active Voices) project, which is funded by the European Commission.

The 24 young people who received training are ‘Master Facilitators’, who will now transfer their new knowledge to 300 youth across 11 communities in the Middle East. The training taught them how to advocate for local solutions to their community problems. It will enable them to relate their everyday experiences to wider political and policy priorities in their country and beyond.

“Throughout this training we are learning to advocate better for our causes and enhancing our research tools and methodologies. This is one of the unique components of Aswat Faeela, we are developing our practical learning to push forward our causes”, says Nada, a 28-year-old activist. 

The young leaders will use what they have learned to inspire positive change in their communities and countries.

“What struck me the most is the level of shared expertise I have witnessed and gained”, said Hassan, an Engineering student and Red Cross volunteer. “Master Facilitators from Jordan, Syria and Lebanon were sharing their past advocacy experiences and I will be taking a lot of these ideas back to my community.”     

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