Local Business Local Peace

This publication makes the case that the local business community in conflict-affected countries can and should play a role in building peace. Linking up with other peacebuilding actors, and taking advantage of their own resources and skills, business communities should address socio-economic, security, political and reconciliation dimensions of peacebuilding. Section 1 is divided into 5 thematic chapters, and Section 2 contains 19 country case studies. Executive Summaries are also available in Spanish and French.

Exploring the peace dividend: perceptions of armed conflict impacts on the Colombian private sectors

Effective peacebuilding requires the support and long-term commitment of a wide range of social actors, including the media and academics, citizens’ organisations, political and military leadership, as well as the private sector. Recent research has emphasised the importance and potential of the latter in peacebuilding processes.Experience from different contexts suggests that the higher the costs of violent conflict to business, the more inclined private sector actors will be to proactively support a transition to peace.

Principios Voluntarios en Seguridad y Derechos Humanos

Los Principios Voluntarios en Seguridad y Derechos Humanos (PV) fueron lanzados en diciembre de 2000 por el Departamento de Estado del gobierno de los Estados Unidos y la Oficina de Asuntos Exteriores del Reino Unido, luego de un proceso de un año que involucró a representantes de dichos gobiernos, ONG y compañías de los sectores de petróleo, minas y gas con casas matrices en los países participantes.